Koyasan, Kaya-cho, Ito-gun,
Wakayama Prefecture

TEL: 0736-56-2431   (from abroad +81 736 56 2431)

Hojo-in is one of the temples in Koyasan, which offers temple lodging for visiting pilgrims and tourists. Please note, however, that it is quite different from western style hotels' service. We should respect culture of the temple and enhance the spiritual atmosphere of the temple. It will be an excellent chance to get a taste of the simple, traditional lifestyle of Buddhist monks.

Hojo-in will offer Japanese tatami room, paper sliding doors (sho-ji) and shared toilets, sinks and baths. Bedding is provided in form of futons that are set on the tatami floor during the night. Basically we will share a room with 2-5 peoples.

Koyasan is 800 meter elevation, so the temperature is about 5 degrees celsius lower than flatland. It might be chilly especially at night and early morning. Japanese old temple usually minimize the heating and the building is drafty, and wooden floor is cold. It will be better for you to prepare warm clothes and blankets to adjust your temperature.


Please book your flight to Kansai international Airport (KIX).

It is located about 2 hours from Kansai international airport by limousine bus.
However limousine bus service are not decided to be operate at this moment. It will be announced just before summer season.

If the limousine bus service is not available, please take "the Nankai line" to Koyasan. It is the best connection from Kansai international airport (KIX) to Koyasan.

For more information, please check the website below.

< Limousine bus >

< How to get Koyasan >

Amenities and Facilities

Handy towel
Toothbrush set
Yukata (Japanese style night wear)
Soap (shared)
Shampoo (shared)
Hair drier (shared)
Wifi in some public spot, not in a room
Bath Towels can be rented for a fee
**No laundry machine

Items to bring 

-yoga mat
-yoga wear
-warm jacket (fleece, down, and so on)
-leg warmers
-blanket (using when lying down, or when sitting as lap robe, warm blanket will be recommended)
-inner cloths
-tools of writing
-and any other things you need

< Recommend to bring >
-soap, shampoo, and so on, if you have preferable ones.
-hair drier ( There are two driers in each baths )
-snacks, sweet stuff, teas, and so on.
(We will bring some tea and hot water pots)
-laundry detergent, clothes hanger (If you want to wash your clothes by yourself)

** It will be better for you to prepare warm clothes, such as warm jacket, warm bottoms, leg warmers, blankets and son on to adjust your temperature.

** There are no laundry machine in the temple. You need to wash your clothes by your hand and dry them in your room. Please bring your own detergent and hanger to dry your clothes.


Vegan natural food & non alcoholic beverages.
Please let us know your allergic food.


If you need any help, please feel free to contact us.
Person in charge: Keisuke Sakakibara / Yuki Nango
phone: 09055658756  (from abroad +81 90 5565 8756 )